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Chris Schneider Captures Little Guy Nationals Win at Mercer Raceway Park!

September 25, 2015

The 2014 Penn Ohio Pro Stock Points Champion and current Points Leader , Chris Schneider, finds victory lane for a third Penn Ohio Series win at Friday night's Little Guy Nationals race at Mercer Raceway Park.  The Series Race had an impressive car count of 48 Stock Cars.  Five heat races would allow the top three cars to move on to the Main event with three B Main events determining the rest of the 24 car field.  Heat race winners were Andy Buckley, Chris Schneider, Tim Burns, Tim Bish, and Brent Johnson.  B Main Winners were Curtis J. Bish, Shaun Hooks, and Leigh Wheeler. 

Starting the A Main race in the sixth position, Schneider found his way to third on lap five chasing Co-Series Participants, Andy Buckley in second and leader, Rusty Martz.  On lap eight Buckley was able to capture the lead from Martz only to have Schneider snag the lead on lap 10.  Schneider would maintain the lead over Buckley until the one and only caution flag would fly on lap 12 for a slow Martz, who experienced mechanical issues forcing him to pull to the pits.  Schneider maintained the lead for the remaining 9 laps while Series Participant, Rusty Moore, challenged Buckley for the second place position.  Buckley was able to hang on for second, with Rusty Moore finishing third over Bob McCann in fourth and Brent Johnson for fifth.  Rounding out the top ten were sixth place finisher Tim Burns over Series Participant and Promoter, Shaun Hooks, in seventh, Ryan Moyer for eighth, Series Participant, Brian Rhed in ninth, and Series Participant, Tim Bish in tenth. 

Finishing order for the Penn Ohio Pro Stock Series Feature:  Chris Schneider (1st), Andy Buckley (2nd), Rusty Moore (3rd), Shaun Hooks (7th), Brian Rhed (9th), Tim Bish (10th), Rob Shook (11th), Bob Schwartzmiller (18th), Leigh Wheeler (19th), Rusty Martz (22nd), Randy Wyant (DNS) and Bobby Heim (DNS).

The final Penn Ohio Pro Stock Series race will be the make up B Main events and A Main Feature event at Sharon Speedway scheduled for Saturday, October 3rd.  The points battle continues to be close for participants and will be finalized after the Sharon race.     

Penn Ohio Series Racing Weekend finds Nate Smith as the big winner at Thunder Mountain & Christian Schneider in Victory Lane at Tri-City Raceway!

August 18, 2015

The Penn Ohio Pro Stock Series drivers had the opportunity to race at two tracks added to the Series this season with racing on Friday at Thunder Mountain and Sunday at Tri-City Raceway!  The Series drivers competed for $1,150 to win at Thunder Mountain and Series participant, Nate Smith was the lucky winner of the cash and an American Racer tire from the Penn Ohio Series donated by Lias Tire.  Finishing behind Smith was Series participant, Tim Bish, followed by Brian Rhed.  With Rhed's third place finish, he won a Hoosier tire from the Penn Ohio Series donated by Precise Racing Products Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic.  Finishing order for the Penn Ohio Pro Stock Series Feature: Nate Smith (1st), Tim Bish (2nd), Brian Rhed (3rd), Chris Schneider (4th), Rusty Moore (5th), Rusty Martz (6th), Shaun Hooks (8th), Rob Shook (10th), Jackson Humanic (12th), Randy Wyant (18th), Fuzzy Fields (19th).

Racing action resumed on Sunday with a $500 to win feature event.  Christian Schneider found himself in the winner's circle at the end of the 20 lap event.  Christian Schneider was awarded the Penn Ohio Series Hoosier Tire donated by Precise Racing Products Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic for his third place finish and the top finishing spot by a Penn Ohio Series driver.  Rusty Moore took home the certificate for the American Racer tire donated by Lias Tire for his sixth place finish.  Finishing order for the Penn Ohio Pro Stock Series Feature: Chris Schneider (3rd), Brian Rhed (5th), Rusty Moore (6th), Randy Wyant (7th), Shaun Hooks (8th), Andy Buckley (12th), Rob Shook (13th), Terry Wheeler (14th), Bobby Heim (15th), Chris Haines (16th), Tim Bish (19th), Jackson Humanic (21st), Fuzzy Fields (24th).

Racing action will resume for the Penn Ohio Pro Stock Series at Sharon Speedway for a two day show on September 11th and 12th.  The final series race will be at Mercer Raceway Park on September 25th at Little Guy Nationals.  Anyone interested in donating toward either race should contact Shaun Hooks, Series Promoter, at 724-730-1623.   


Chris Schneider gets $1000 pay day at PPMS!

August 13, 2015

Chris Schneider walked away with a second win in the Penn Ohio Series season on Saturday, August 8th at Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Motor Speedway!  Out of 31 cars, Schneider qualified as the fastest car, won his heat, walked away with the dash win, and took the checkered flag in the 20 lap feature event.  The win was worth $1000, a Hoosier tire from the Penn Ohio Series donated by Precise Racing Products Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic, and the top spot in the Penn Ohio Series points.

Finishing order for the Penn Ohio Pro Stock Series drivers:  Chris Schneider (1st), Rusty Moore (3rd), Shaun Hooks (7th), Brian Rhed (9th), Randy Wyant (10th), Jackson Humanic (11th), Bob Schwartzmiller (12th), Rusty Martz (13th), Bobby Heim (16th), Rob Shook (21st), Tim Bish (DNS).  Heat race winners were Chris Schneider, Rusty Moore, and Rob Shook.  Rusty Moore won an American Racer tire from the Penn Ohio Series donated by Lias Tire.

Next series race is scheduled at Thunder Mountain on Friday, August 14th for $1,150.00.  Hot laps are scheduled at 7 p.m. followed by time trials, heats, B-Main, and feature.  Racing action will continue at Tri-City on Sunday, August 16th.    

Nate Smith takes checkers for $700 win at Dog Hollow!

July 31, 2015

Being new to the Penn Ohio Pro Stock Series in 2015, Nathan Smith made his first appearance in the series a memorable one at Dog Hollow Speedway!  In the suspenseful 25-lap feature race, Nate Smith took the checkered flag to walk away with the $700 win and an American Racer tire from the Penn Ohio Series donated by Lias Tire.  Twelve out of sixteen cars in attendance were Penn Ohio participants.  Dog Hollow Speedway was added to the schedule as a new track in 2015 and most of the drivers in the series had a two hour tow in order to stay competitive in the points and a chance at the $700 win.

Heat race winners were Nate Smith and Series Promoter and participant, Shaun Hooks.  A zero invert draw put Smith and Hooks in the first and second starting positions for the 25-lap main event.  The start found Smith taking the lead with third starter and fellow Penn Ohio participant, Brian Rhed, in a close second and Hooks falling to third.  Fourth starter and current Penn Ohio Points Leader, Rusty Martz fell back to fifth after Penn Ohio participant, Randy Wyant took the spot on lap 2.  On lap three, the first caution flag would fly for Andy Burns spinning his #13 in turn 4.  The restart had Nate Smith again jumping out in the lead with Brian Rhed in tow.  Randy Wyant was able to get by Shaun Hooks for the third spot with Matt Hugill in the fifth spot over Rusty Martz.  The race continued green through lap 18 as Smith and Rhed began lapping traffic.  However, Third place runner, Wyant experienced mechanical difficulty and the yellow flag slowed racing action.  The restart had Smith staying in front of Rhed and Hooks for the top spot while ninth-starter and Penn Ohio participant, Chris Schneider found his way into fourth passing Martz.  Another caution on lap 19 would bunch the pack back up and give Rhed another shot at Smith.  The single file restart made the last six laps exciting for the fans with the battle between Smith, Rhed and Hooks heating up and appearing to be anyone's race.  Smith was able to hold onto the top spot for the win with Rhed finishing second and winning a Hoosier tire from the Penn Ohio Series donated by Precise Racing Products Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic.  Schneider snagged the third spot from Hooks on the final lap, while Hugill finished in fifth.      

Finishing order for Penn Ohio Pro Stock Series drivers:  Nate Smith (1st), Brian Rhed (2nd), Chris Schneider (3rd), Shaun Hooks (4th), Rusty Moore (6th),  Brian Shook (7th), Rusty Martz (8th), Terry Wheeler (9th), Jackson Humanic (10th), Bob Heim (11th), Chris Haines (12th), Randy Wyant (15th).

Chris Schneider picks up win at Expo for $700 win!

July 16, 2015

The Penn Ohio Series was back in action on Thursday night at Expo Speedway.  Eleven out of nineteen drivers were Penn Ohio Series participants.  Chris Schneider, 2014 Penn Ohio Pro Stock Points Champion, was able to capture the $700, 15-lap feature win and a Hoosier tire from the Penn Ohio Series donated by Precise Racing Products Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic.

Starting on the front row of the feature were Penn Ohio participants, Randy Wyant and Jackson Humanic.  It didn't take long for Chris Schneider to take the lead over Wyant and Humanic.  Schneider used the outside groove to get a straightway lead over Wyant before the caution flag flew for a spinning car in turn 2.  When racing resumed Schneider continued to lead the pack with Wyant following and Humanic in tow.  Humanic slipped high and fell back to fourth with Rusty Moore capturing the third spot.  At the checkers, Schneider captured his first Penn Ohio Series win of the season with Randy Wyant taking the second spot, followed by Moore, Humanic, and Shaun Hooks rounding out the top five.

Heat race winners were: Rusty Moore and Shaun Hooks.  Finishing order for Penn Ohio Stock Series drivers: Chris Schneider (1st), Randy Wyant (2nd), Rusty Moore (3rd), Jackson Humanic (4th), Shaun Hooks (5th), Rusty Martz (6th), Chris Haines (7th), Brian Rhed  (9th), Rob Shook (10th), Terry Wheeler (13th), and Fuzzy Fields (DNS).

Rusty Martz wins Ed Laboon Memorial for $2017 at PPMS!

July 13, 2015

A whopping 51 stock cars showed up to battle for the $2,017 prize for the special Ed Laboon Memorial Race on Saturday, July 11th at Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Motor Speedway.  Designated as a Penn Ohio Pro Stock Series Race, 13 participating Penn Ohio Series drivers showed up to partake in the festivities.  Rusty Martz, Penn Ohio participant and current points leader, was able to secure the 20-lap feature win taking home the $2,017 prize and an American Racer tire from the Penn Ohio Series donated by Lias Tire.

The evening started off with qualifying for the Stock division followed by 6 heat races.  Heat race winners: Christian Schneider, Chris Schneider (Penn Ohio participant), Corey McPherson, Rusty Martz (PO), Dave McManus, and Jeff Broniszewski, participated in a dash to determine starting positions for the 20-lap main event.  Leading the pack in the dash was Christian Schneider, which gave them the front row starting spots in the feature.

Christian Schneider led the 28 car pack to the start and quickly took command of the top spot followed by Chris Schneider and Rusty Martz until racing slowed for a caution on lap 3.  In turn 2, a crash collected several cars including Penn Ohio participant, Andy Buckley, Danny Rich, Tim Burns, and Curt Bish.  Racing resumed with the caution flag flying often but Schneider and Schneider securing the top two spots until lap 14.  With the leaders approaching lap traffic, Jamie Duncan experience mechanical issues sending him sideways into Rob Shook which collected both Schneider cars sending them to the pits and giving the lead to Martz.  Chris Schneider was able to return to resume the race without losing any laps.

Martz restarted the race with Corey McPherson in second and thirteenth starter and Penn Ohio participant Shaun Hooks in third.  Martz kept the lead with McPherson close behind.  Hooks battled Co-Penn Ohio participant, Bob Schwartzmiller, for third until the final caution came out on lap 18.  Martz continue to hold off McPherson for the lead but Hooks and Schwartzmiller were unable to hold onto the third and fourth spots giving them up to Wayne Carbo for third and Penn Ohio participant, Brian Rhed, for fourth over Hooks.  Rounding out the top ten were Bob Schwartzmiller in 6th, Curt Bish in 7th, Jeff Broniszewski in 8th, Chris Schneider in 9th, and Steve D'Apolito in 10th.

Finishing order for the Penn Ohio Series participants: Rusty Martz (1st), Brian Rhed (2nd), Shaun Hooks (5th), Bob Schwartzmiller (6th), Chris Schneider (9th), Tim Bish (11th), Rob Shook (19th), Randy Wyant (22nd), Fuzzy Fields (23rd), Andy Buckley (25th), Joe Chamberlain (DNS), Jackson Humanic (DNS), Bobby Heim (DNS).

Tri-City Raceway Park cancelled due to rainy weather conditions!

June 21, 2015

(New Castle, PA)  Due to rainy conditions all week and this afternoon, Tri-City Raceway Park had to cancel the Special Father's Day Race.  Penn Ohio Pro Stocks were scheduled for the event after being rescheduled from the Tri-City Opener in May.  If possible, a make-up date for the Penn Ohio Pro Stocks at Tri-City will be announced once known.  The next race for the Penn Ohio Pro Stocks will be the Ed Laboon Memorial Showdown Race at Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Motor Speedway on July 11th for $2,017 to win and $200 to start.

Hooks victorious in Penn Ohio Series 25-lap feature at Stateline Speedway for $1250 to win!

June 13, 2015

(New Castle, PA)  With rain in the surrounding area and many other tracks cancelled, it looked as though Mother Nature would win the race at Stateline Speedway in Busti, NY on Saturday night, but that wasn't the case; and, Shaun Hooks, Penn Ohio Series Promoter, was thankful to get the second Penn Ohio Series race in for the 2015 season.  Out of 35 stock cars in attendance, 15 cars were part of the Penn Ohio Series.  The fans certainly got their money worth with exciting racing from the four heats, a B Main, and a 25-lap feature.

Shaun Hooks, Series participant, started the feature on the pole with Series participant, Brian Rhed on the outside pole.  Hooks jumped into the lead on the start but there was trouble mid-pack in turn two which brought out the caution flag quickly.  With a Delaware restart, Hooks was able to restart the race with no one beside him.  Second-place runner, Rhed chose the outside position leaving Chris Withers on the inside.  Although the inside was not the preferred line, Withers was able to make it work and took the second spot from Rhed.  On lap 5, the caution flag flew again for a three car pile-up in turn four.  Racing resumed and Hooks was able to hold off Withers and Rhed to keep the lead; however, Withers slipped back to third returning the second spot to Rhed.  Making an appearance in fourth was eighth starter, Rusty Martz, Penn Ohio participant and last week's winner at Raceway 7.  Hooks was able to put some distance between himself and Rhed before the caution flag came out again on lap 9 for Series participant, Joe Chamberlain.  Hooks again was able to hold off Rhed and Withers, although Rhed was making every attempt to take the lead away from Hooks on the outside of turn one and two on the restart.  Hooks was able to make a sizeable lead over Rhed and Withers even as he got into lap traffic.  With five laps to go, the yellow flag waved for the fourth and final time as an infield tire marker rolled into the track surface after Series participant, Rob Shook, made contact with it coming out of turn 4.  Hooks restarted the race with Rhed and Withers on his tail.  Rhed took the high side hoping to steal away the lead but was unable to make it work, allowing Withers to sneak by for second.  The last five laps were smooth sailing for Hooks as he distanced himself from Withers and took the checkered flag to lead all 25 laps for the $1250 to win Penn Ohio Series feature.  Withers captured second over Rhed with Fuzzy Fields, Penn Ohio Participant, in fourth and Gary Fisher finishing fifth.

Heat race winners were Chris Withers, Fuzzy Fields (PO), Joe Chamberlain (PO), and Brian Rhed (PO).  B Main winner was Chris Schneider, Penn Ohio Participant and 2014 Series Champion.  Finishing order for the Penn Ohio Series participants:  Shaun Hooks (1st), Brian Rhed (3rd), Fuzzy Fields (4th), Rusty Martz (6th), Chris Schneider (9th), Randy Wyant (10th), Rob Shook (11th), Jackson Humanic (12th), Terry Wheeler (13th), Rusty Moore (17th), Andy Buckley (21st), Joe Chamberlain (22nd), Leigh Wheeler (DNS), Tim Bish (DNS), Bobby Heim (DNS).

To date there are 19 cars committed to the 2015 Penn Ohio Pro Stock Championship Series.  Each Penn Ohio Pro Stock scheduled event, Series Members are eligible to win additional prizes and money, while contending for the end of season point money.

For more information about the series contact Series Promoter, Shaun Hooks, at (724) 730-1623 or like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/pennohioprostocks.


Martz wins first race of 2015 season for Penn Ohio Stocks!

June 8, 2015

(New Castle, PA)  With rain all around the area, it was uncertain if Mother Nature would win for a third time this season.  Fortunately for Rusty Martz, the rain avoided Raceway 7 and the Penn Ohio Pro Stock Championship Series was able to get the first race of the season in with 18 of the 19 cars committed to the series in attendance.  A total of 27 stock cars competed in the Penn Ohio Pro Stock race and series participant, Rusty Martz, walked away with the win.  

Martz started outside pole in the 20 lap feature and led all 20 laps despite five cautions.  The competitive field gave the fans a good show to watch.  Fourth starter and Penn Ohio Series 2014 Points Champion, Chris Schneider, jumped into second on the start.  Martz led the field until the caution flag flew on lap 5 as a result of Chris Withers spinning in turn three.  On the restart, a pile up on the start in turn three caused the caution flag to quickly wave again.  Involved in the pile up was series participant, Randy Wyant, Rob Bates and Ed Bolyard.  The field realigned and Martz led the pack once again with Schneider in second and series participant, Jackson Humanic in third.  Humanic was able to get by Schneider but the caution flag waved for a third time for series participant, Leigh Wheeler's spin in turn three allowing Schneider to restart in second.  Once racing resumed, the field was able to keep things moving with Martz leading Schneider, Humanic, Mark Frontera, and series participant, Rusty Moore, until lap 11 when the caution was thrown for an infield tire being moved into the racing surface.  Once the green dropped again, Martz continued to pull from the pack while Humanic regained second from Schneider.  Martz finished the race with a half a straight lead over Humanic, Schneider, Frontera, and Shaun Faucett rounding out the top five.

Heat race winners were Brandon Groters, series participant and promoter, Shaun Hooks, and Chris Schneider.  Finishing order for the Penn Ohio Series participants:  Rusty Martz (1st), Jackson Humanic (2nd), Chris Schneider (3rd), Shaun Hooks (6th), Tim Bish (7th), Rob Shook (8th), Chris Haines (9th), Terry Wheeler (10th), Randy Wyant (13th), Bobby Heim (14th), Jesse Brock (15th), Brian Rhed (17th), Rusty Moore (18th), Joe Chamberlain (19th), Andy Buckley (20th), Fuzzy Fields (21st), Leigh Wheeler (22nd), Bob Schwartzmiller (DNS).

To date, there are 19 cars committed to the series and eligible to win additional money and prizes at each Penn Ohio Pro Stock Championship scheduled race, while contending for point money at the end of the season.

For more information on the series or how to join, contact Shaun Hooks at (724) 730-1623 or like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/pennohioprostocks.

Mother Nature plays a role in changes to 2015 Series Schedule! 

(New Castle, PA)  Mother Nature has taken over the Penn Ohio Pro Stock Championship Series with rain-out events at Tri City for the Season Opener and at PPMS for the special Ed Laboon Memorial Showdown.  Make-up dates for the rain-out events have been rescheduled at Tri City for June 21st and PPMS for July 11th.  Series Promoter, Shaun Hooks, is hopeful that Friday's (6/5/15) event at Raceway 7 in Conneaut, Ohio kicks off the season without any further delay.  Registration forms will be available at Raceway 7 for those drivers joining the series who have not already submitted registration and payment.

2015 Season Preview - New Tracks, Bigger Point Fund!

(New Castle, PA)  After an extremely successful inaugural 2014 racing season, series director Shaun Hooks has been busy making plans for an even bigger year in 2015 for the Homak Penn Ohio Pro Stock Championship Series.  “My goal for 2015 is to have 11 races at 11 different race tracks.  I anticipate that there will be a lot of new names committing to run the series along with some new race tracks, including Dog Hollow and Thunder Mountain” stated Hooks.    In its first season, the series turned a lot of heads with the participants, sponsors and fans as for the first time, the Stock Car class received some earned recognition.  Additionally, Hooks was able to obtain several sponsors who added more than $15,000 in cash and prizes for the series’ races and a $10,000 point fund was split at season’s end.  (more....)


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Whats New...

  • Chris Schneider wins Little Guy Nationals Penn Ohio Series Race at Mercer Raceway Park!
  • Penn Ohio Series Race at Tri City goes to Christian Schneider.
  • Nate Smith snags win for $1,150 at Thunder Mountain!
  • Penn Ohio Series 2 race weekend with debut at Thunder Mountain on Friday, 8/14 and Tri-City on Sunday, 8/16!
  • Chris Schneider wins PPMS for 2nd win of season in the Penn Ohio Series!
  • Nate Smith wins at Dog Hollow on 7/31/15!
  • 2014 Points Champion, Chris Schneider, wins Penn Ohio Race at Expo!
  • Tri-City make-up race rescheduled to August 16, 2015!
  • Rusty Martz wins Ed Laboon Memorial Race at PPMS!
  • Shaun Hooks wins $1250 in Penn Ohio 25-lap race at Stateline!
  • Rusty Martz wins first race of the season at Raceway 7!
  • Chris Schneider wins 4 events & crowned first ever champion!!
  • Penn/Ohio Pro Stock Series nears 500 likes on Facebook, Check us out and Like us Now!
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